With its establishment in 2011, the company initially set out to execute research and development projects. With outstanding solutions and a high-level competence base, it contributes significantly to technological innovation. Its primary focus areas are the healthcare, industrial, research, biological, and engineering sectors. Since 2016, our company has been an active participant in the commercial sphere, and thanks to the experience gained and active involvement, it has grown into a key player in the market today.

Our goal is to continuously expand our expertise and product range in order to serve our existing and prospective customers to the widest extent possible.

  • Lab equipment
  • Medical tests
  • Nutrient media

Reliable partner in medical diagnostics

We offer a wide range of services and commercial activities:

Up-to-date in technologies, up-to-date in research

We proactively and sustainably address the needs of our customers


Molecular Biology

Point of care

Laboratory equipment